Bob Siddens Photography - Specializing in Digital Imaging

Bob Siddens has spent much of the past 20 years traveling around the globe making photographs of people in all four corners of the world. His adventures have taken him from the highest altitudes of the mighty Himalayas to the pursuit of his personal passions, which include exploring the ancient beauty in remote places like Petra, Massada and the mysteries hidden within the abandoned ships of the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan.

Bob has often said that each person has his or her own unique personal story. His mission as a professional photographer is to capture the distinctiveness of each individual, and to communicate through carefully crafted personal portraits, his or her story, as each person exists in his own environment.

Our clientele, overwhelmingly, attributes Bob's timeless and enduring success to his ability in being able to bring his exceptional personal photographic style into the fine portraiture and commercial environments.

We, at Bob Siddens Photography, would be honored to have the opportunity of creating an extraordinary historical moment, created especially for you and your family.